May 10, from 6-8: Summer-ize Your Home Event!


There’s a truth we all share as Texans: the summers feel like we’re living on the face of the sun! Hot doesn’t even begin to cover it. While it’s easy to remember to break out the shorts and crank up the a/c, there are things you should do for your home to make sure it gets through the summer as unscathed as you. If you recently purchased a home or are looking to purchase soon, we’ve designed this seminar with you in mind!

-Annie Goforth, Goosehead insurance: maintaining your home starts with having a great insurance policy.

-Austin Auditors, energy efficiency: there’s more to keeping you home efficient than making sure the windows are closed and the weather stripping under the door is in good shape.

-Julie & Jan team, mortgages and repair/building loans: prices are continuing to rise in the Austin area, and some buyers are finding that the homes in their price range are ones that need a little TLC.

-Integro, roofing: your roof is what keeps the sun from burning you like toast as you sit in your home.

-The Foundation Guru, foundation inspection and repair: find out what warning signs to watch for, as well as how the process works when a home does need to be leveled. 

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