Thinking About Having a New Home Built? We Can Help!

If you are considering having a home built in one of Austin’s newest neighborhoods, there could be a deal out there waiting for you! If you walk in and talk to a salesperson at a new community, it’s important to realize that they are solely representing the builder and not you. Most builders have a separate fund they pay commission from, so you can get representation at no charge to you! And representation when buying a new-build is very different (but still very important) as having representation when buying a resale property. If you have been considering looking at new homes, either to have one built from scratch or look at inventory of already-built new homes, let us know what area you’re looking in and we’ll show you the available communities!

Here are some advantages to new-builds:


There are several builders in the Austin-area looking to sell their current inventory. If customization isn’t as important to you as the floor plan or neighborhood location, this could be the time to snag a deal.


Major items of concern, such as the roof or a/c, are all newly installed and often under warranty.

-Customization, or not

Maybe there are things you want in a home that can’t find in a resale, such as an open concept floor plan or a master bath with a double vanity. Most builders have homes in different stages of the building process, and often those that are complete or with very few customizations left are the best deals. But if you’d like to customize every detail, there are still often deals to be had regarding lot premiums, financing, and upgrades.

-How we can help you

There are still negotiations that can be made, even on fully completed spec homes. We can look at comps to see what similar houses have sold for in the development in order to negotiate on price. We may be able to negotiate on the appliance suite, flooring, etc. If the house isn’t in a fully completed state, we stay on top of the construction process for you. The process isn’t always as smooth as we’d like it to be; we’ve found bedrooms without windows, mistakes with materials, and other issues with our clients who are having a home built. Those things can be corrected, but they have to be caught! It’s our job to hold the builder responsible to what you were promised and the final product must meet your needs and wants before you get to closing day.